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Construction Cleanups

Construction Cleanups are not for the faint of heart and body!   At these sites, experienced workers do a thorough, final clean up job, removing all the debris and construction material used in a building or renovation project.  This could be anything from a small bathroom or back deck renovation, to a major industrial building in a smog-filled city center.

Generally, employees who work on construction cleanups have industrial cleaning experience, and many states strictly regulate that employees must be bonded to work on construction sites; sometimes the work is dangerous.

Heavy materials lifting, long hours, inclement weather, and high altitude all contribute to the challenge that workers in construction cleanups may face.

There are a host of tasks to perform during construction cleanups.  These include dust removal, window cleaning, and metal polishing.  Plus, all old materials, sometimes hazardous, sharp, and slippery must be removed, including electrical wiring, pipes, metal pieces, and woodwork.

Experts in construction cleanups must be fully prepared with quality supplies and cleanup equipment. This includes bulldozers for heavy debris removal, industrial garbage cans, supplies for cleaning windows, metal, stone, and wood, an array of brooms, dustpans, and polishes.  Safety equipment is paramount, including hard hats, dust masks, special uniforms, and first aid kits.

Whether you are a home or business owner, construction company, property management company or renovation firm, when hiring a construction cleanups service check to see it has worked on multiple projects, can provide a thorough list of specific services offered, that its staff is experienced and where necessary insured, before-and-after photos, and glowing customer recommendations.

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