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Construction Site Container

Whatever your project is: a bathroom do-over, back patio resurfacing, major home renovation, or commercial parking lot repaving; all require a construction site container to fill with the old materials and debris. Vital to your project is choosing the right size of construction site container to handle your particular needs.

The length, width, and height of your container is not standardized and may differ from company to company. But to give you a sense of size, typical containers – or dumpsters as they are often called – come in 10, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard sizes.

Estimating the correct size of your construction site container can be a challenge; it is easy, for example, to measure an old, dilapidated roof and know what size of dumpster you will need; it's a bit more tricky to guess what size container will handle your household garbage or bathroom renovation debris.            

But think carefully. If you go too small and try to save money and fit 25 yards of junk into a 20-yard container, you will end up with a bigger headache and a smaller wallet.  Why? This is called a 'switch out'. You will have to rent another 10-yard dumpster, while the old one is removed.  You don't get a discount for the second dumpster...Going bigger from the start was the wiser move.

And! Overfilling the construction site container is another mistake. There is a strict height level for the debris, and if you overfill, you will be charged extra.  Legally, your dumpster service can't be on the road with junk piled over the top; so by taking this shortcut, you end up with yet another pile of garbage.

Choose the size of your construction site container with care!

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