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The dictionary definition of exterior is 'relating to the outside of something.' Whether you are a homeowner or run a commercial property, light industry, or public services with infrastructure responsibility, you may need an exterior demolition Long Island services company for an outside renovation or construction project.

There are varying degrees of complexity involved with exterior demolition; these include obtaining civic and residential permits, following safety regulations, and building height requirements. There could be different laws at the federal and state levels, issues of the environment, salvage value, shutting down of utilities. An experienced exterior demolition company will know how to handle all of these issues and provide you with the necessary guidance, so you don't miss a thing.

It could be that you need to hire more than one exterior demolition specialist, or you could set your sites on one, full-service exterior demolition firm that can handle it all, including, for example, providing the removal of hazardous waste removal from your job site. 

Safety too is a crucial issue. Once excavated, are your rooms/basements backfilled to proper grade?  Are barriers erected to avoid dangerous accidents?  Is waste removal handled professionally? Does your chosen firm have up-to-date tools and machinery, including loaders, backhoes, skid steers, hydraulic hammers, and concrete processors?  What about shears and burning torches?

A fully insured, licensed, and bonded general contractor, with experience on multiple exterior demolition projects is a must. Whether you are looking for home demolition, commercial building demolition, a hospital demolition, parking lot, school, bridge, water tower, or residential demolition: insist on a quality company with customer recommendations, a big view, and attention to detail so that your project works smoothly, efficiently and safely.



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