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Trash Removal with Roll-off Containers

Roll Off Container - Easier Rubbish Removal


To dispose of everyday garbage and waste, most businesses rent front-loading containers commonly known as dumpsters.  These containers are perfectly adequate for office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, apartment blocks, healthcare facilities, and the like.

But.  If your enterprise, construction site, or home renovation project generates large loads of waste, you want to rent a larger dumpster, known as a roll-off container.  These roll-off containers have open tops and generally come in sizes of 15 – 40 cubic yards.  They are used for every kind of non-hazardous waste material, much of which can be recycled.

Be aware that individual municipalities require a permit to have a roll-off container delivered, mainly if it is to be sitting on public property.  In some townships, the customer needs to get the permit, and in others, the roll-off container company is responsible for getting the permit. To be safe, it's best to double-check what the situation is regarding your roll-off container rental.

Consider, too that when you rent a roll-off container, there is a potential liability of damaging the surface its placed on while in use.  Most containers have wheels of metal, which can scratch an asphalt or concrete surface. Placing a plywood board under the roll-off container protects it from abrasiveness and solves the problem.

Also, you need to ensure your roll-off container is not placed on a soft surface, like dirt, because if it rains the wheels can sink. Best to rest the container on a hard surface, like concrete, gravel, or asphalt. An experienced, reputable container rental company will be aware of all of these issues and guide you accordingly.

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